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Why Do Mobile Apps Fail And How To Prevent Failure?

Today, there are more than 2 million apps available on Google play store as well as apple store and more than 600,000 on Windows market place, with almost 20,000 new apps added every month.Even the perfect mobile apps aren’t good enough. Yet, Statista reports that by the year 2017, the number of app downloads will reach a whopping 254 billion.

Added: 13 February 2018

The Best SEO Link Building Techniques in 2016

Best SEO link building tactics followed by Digiclay infotech

Although proper link building is not an easy thing to do, there are still many white hat SEO techniques we do today, without considerable efforts or expenses.

Added: 07 February 2018


Recent Vogue That Will Shape Web Design

Web design is the development and construction of websites. This includes the information architecture, user edge, site arrangement, exploration, outline, colors, fonts, and representation.

Added: 26 Aug, 2016


Incredible Idea Visualization can improve our wellbeing

Scientists are proving solely envision what you want can help to make it a reality.

Visualization is influential. We can use this method to restore our compassion. We can use visualization as a tool for a successful career for years.

Added: 09 Aug, 2016
Responsive Design: Planning For Better Performance

Responsive Design: Planning For Better Performance

Responsive design is a web development accession that creates dynamic changes to the outward show of a website, depending on the screen size and reference for of the device being used to view it. Responsive Web Design is one approach to the setback of designing for the multitude of devices available to customers..

Added: 04 Aug, 2016

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Internet Marketing Strategies Which Dominates In 2016

Internet Marketing Strategies Which Dominates In 2016

Internet marketing is the marketing of products or services over the internet and it binds collectively creative and technical features of the internet, including design, development, advertising and sales.

It is used by the companies for selling point directly to the customers as well as those who manage.

Added: 18 July, 2016

Route to Creating a productive Facebook Advertising Campaign

As a business owner or a marker, our prioritized job is to conduit people from other website to our own.

Your target audience drapes out in the various parts of web, but a massive amount of any target audience uses search engines & Face book.

Added: 16 July, 2016

Ways to Amaze More of Your Website Visitors

Your website is as fine as it is going to obtain, right? Or is it? Websites are not at all really finished. And, we can all improve our website, even if it is just a little bit.

We can write an improved content, include more eye-catching graphics and make visitors stay even longer.

Added: 15 July, 2016
Secrets to Enormous Online Marketing Triumph

Secrets to Enormous Online Marketing Triumph

If you are trying to sell products and services online, you are possibly looking for that one wonderful solution to make your business work.

You look at mammoth successful sites in your market and try to overturn engineer the secret.

Added: 12 July, 2016
New Concepts of social media optimization

New Concepts of social media optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for websites has been edge into a fine art with entire companies employing significant effort to defining best practices and promotes the value of SEO for elevates a site's performance on unrefined search listings.

Added: 11 July, 2016

Rules of digital marketing to drove the competition

Rules of digital marketing to drove the competition

The Digital marketing industry worldwide can approximately never be indicted of jumping the rifle.

Added: 2 July, 2016

Keys to Design a Killer Micro Content

Keys to Design a Killer Micro Content

The smallest part of a design project is mainly important. Although it is conceptually, right?

The key element of your website’s success is the information provided on the “first screen”. The first screen is that Basic glance that a user gets into your website.

Added: 1 July, 2016

Secretes of Splendid and SEO friendly Articles

Secretes of Splendid and SEO friendly Articles

Writing an article like all other writing is a skill. To keep your reader paying attention, you must think about structuring your text and writing in an interesting way. You can help your readers to grip the main idea of your post by providing headings, subheadings and clear paragraphs.

Added: 30 June, 2016

Scrutinize the Latest Animation Trends in Web Designs

Scrutinize the Latest Animation Trends in Web Designs

The web is an ever developing intermediate push forward by fervent developers and creators. Animation is just a piece of web design that has risen to high commendation in recent years. The methods and techniques for adding together motion to an interface may have changed, but the end result is still an active design with delightful interactive impulse.

Added: 28 June, 2016

Modern retro and vintage can boost your web designing

Modern retro and vintage can boost your web designing

“Everything old is novel again.” Have you heard this saying perhaps? The same we can say for design and designing trends. Once hardly ever used in this booming, dynamic medium, early, retro and vintage rudiments are now becoming more and more admired in a variety of design contexts.

Added: 22 June, 2016

Social media is a right preference to build your personal brand

Social media is a right preference to build your personal brand

Personal Branding is a management necessity, not a self-endorsement campaign.Establishing your personal brand is crucial for advancement of your line of business and development as a leader.

Added: 20 May, 2016

Latest Digital Marketing Trends of 2016

Latest "Digital Marketing" Trends of 2016

Consumers are not easily exposed to the new products or services. People have multiple platforms social media and multiple devices. We are exposed to a digital world full of exciting new products, services and digital innovations.

Added: 10 May, 2016

Redesigning or revamping is a best stake

Golden Rules for Effective Logo Designing

The logo is face of any brand, the very first impression of it - so the design of logo is extremely important. If it executed correctly, the logo will be the powerful asset of your client’s brand.

Added: 29 April, 2016

Redesigning or revamping is a best stake

Redesigning or revamping is a best stake

You have to analyze it first that your website isn’t completely fulfilling the needs of your products and services. So, what’s the next step? Will you going to be spend your valuable time and energy on the same old website?

Added: 22 April, 2016

21 Inspirational and Motivational Business Quotes You Will Not Miss

21 Inspirational and Motivational Business Quotes You Will Not Miss

Today DigiClay offer you 21 Beautiful Business quotes. The Article is all about useful business quotes which can give motivation and inspiration to the people who are finding for their careers

Added: 06 April, 2016

Top 10 Latest Website Designing Trends to Follow in 2016

Top 10 Latest Website Designing Trends to Follow in 2016

“Web design trends are normally similar to fashion trends” – I read this from somewhere in web & it is really true. While searching in google, here are some latest website designing trend, we need to implement in 2016;

Added: 08 January, 2016

Responsive Website Design digiclay 2015


Which of their graphs and diagrams apply to you? Let us know in the comments section!

Added: 9th september, 2015
Responsive Website Design digiclay 2015

Responsive Design Good for Mobile Search Engine Optmization

Responsive website-design is when you drawing web layouts to recognize many devices linked to the Internet. This medium that the same website can be opened on a range of devices (Mobile, Tablet, Desktop) crude of the resolution and various size of the screen – mobiles, tablets, desktops, etc. Responsive web design is designed to create web pages and the view of their content suitable for the any device from which they are viewed.

Added: 2nd August, 2015

Social Media Marketing Channel And Traditional Marketing For Brand

With an innumerable range of Social Media channels coming into play in currently complex domain of marketing, Business to Business marketers always find themselves stumble under the load of which one to select. There’s digital in common, marketing & how our universal devices are changing all thing about marketing and promotion. There’s SMM &, of course, there’s conventional marketing, which quite remains an useful step of the calculation. However, in the Business to Business profession, not many promotional channel creates sense for all industry. No 1-size-suit-every-method works either. What success then? In sequence to search the correct Advertising or marketing platform for your Company or brand, you’ve got to be a pretty curious, a pretty more natural & more focused.

Added: 23th July, 2015

24 point that will make you more Strong - DigiCLay

To obtain power, it's useful to first understand it.

Power is "The Evaluate of the degree of command you have over circumstances in your life and the activity of the people nearby you."It is a talent that is created by a deep knowledge of human nature, of what honestly inspires human, and of the manipulations require for growth and protection."

Added: 09th July, 2015

Retail: Online food products shopping

Time has changed consumers thinking and want to use technology to make shopping faster. A quarter of global consumers are already ordering their grocery products online for home delivery and over a half of the global consumers are willing to do so in future, according to some Internet study of 50,000 people from 50 countries. Now look at this report – ‘Grocery shopping is still a ‘Fun Activity’ for the families in India...

Added: 06th June, 2015

Google Photos brings Free Limitless Image and Video Storage

Every second a picture is clicked people around the world are capturing their memories in form of photo or a video. The moment we click them the storage problem strikes in our mind and makes it more challenging to relive those again they keep on dragging from mobile to laptop to hard disk to pen drives and so on...

Added: 05th June, 2015
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