To Have A Website That Sells, You Must Know The Recent Web Development Trends

An amazing and responsive site is the need of today’s business.It also increases the probability of your business conversions, gives you leads to convert it into potential customers. This is where web development comes into action. The trends in web designing and development field are constantly changing and thus impacting the work of web designers and developers. Visit for more info and they regularly need to upgrade their skills to keep themselves updated with such trends to keep their users engaged.

The technological trends of website development are emerging at a speedy pace. Trends like One-page websites and progressive web applications have emerged in these years and have gained popularity too. Subsequent changes in JavaScript and PHP 7 also have appeared properly.

Try thebigappleauction, we are discussing some major web development trends which not only web developers but web development companies and business must take into consideration.

1) Intelligent Chatbots


Intelligent Chatbots are very important for engaging users and improving business image. Chatbox brings human touch, thus building smart chatbots is today’s necessity. It provides the same experience to people to converse in same way as if they were talking to a customer care executive. They are also as intelligent agent as compatible with artificial intelligence. Through AI, it solves all the questions and doubts of the clients in the best possible way on mobile nairabet.

In coming years, having Intelligent Chatbots for your website is going to be more popular, as it helps in conversions.

2) Single page sites

Upcoming website developments trends are based on the principle of speed and convenience. The experience of the user or UX has certainly become important with respect to the concept of several single-page websites. In the coming years, we will be watching the animation on the screen of the devices.

3) Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps are user experiences that have the reach of the web, and are fast, reliable and engaging. It uses modern web capabilities to provide an experience similar to the application on mobile phones like offline support.

4) Multimedia Longreads

In today’s time webpage relies on long reading. Llong readings are a complete representation of text, animations, icons and images. It aims to tell a complete story precisely and in simple words. This way, user can easily scroll through the page and even adhere to the main points.

5) JavaScript frameworks

JavaScript frameworks are easier and more adaptable to offer varied functions and features like closures, callbacks, RAILS etc. Thus, majority of web developers are using it from many years and this trend continue to govern in future too. The developers are using it to create cleaner, responsive, and error-free websites.

6) Static website generators

Many developers believe that having static website generators will prove to be a breakthrough for web development as it develops a website with simple texts that are generally stored in archives. Usually static websites created with generators offers the advantage of better loading speed, security and easy traffic management.

7) Forms usage

The developer of a web portal needs to consider the usage of forms in more meaningful way. The design elements from the current rounded shapes are now gone to the pointy ones. This option is considered to be smooth, pleasant and objective, while on the other side the sharp corners of many old interfaces used to be more concerned with the direction of the workflow.

Tips To Pick Up The Best Web Development Company

If you are searching for the best web development company to get built your website built as soon as possible, then you need to take various factors in consideration like why you require a website, it meets your business perspective or not, it would be able to compete with other business websites or not etc.

Therefore, it is important to select the best web development company and we are providing you some tips through which you can do so.

  1. Desired Outcomes – what you want the website to accomplish for the business. This helps to design and frame for best results.
  2. The Market Survey – market survey is important cost effectiveness, timely outcome without compromising the quality.
  3. Service And Experience – look for the service and experience, number of clients, professional image of the company from which you have decided to opt for rendering the services.

The field of web design is continuously changing and so as trends too. So, if you are looking for web developers and web designers for your web development project, you can contact us at Digiclayand build robust apps.